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I first had a consultation with Diana approximately two years ago. I came to that consultation feeling bloated, suffering from IBS and my immune system was depleted. After seeing Diana, on a few occasions, I have undergone some tests, changed my dietary habits and introduced some supplements to my daily routine. I am thrilled with the results I am achieving. I am far less bloated, my IBS is under control and blood tests have revealed my immune system is back in order. My dentist is also amazed at how my dental health has improved. I have found Diana to be very professional, caring and very helpful in her role as a nutritionist.

D. Meehan, VICPatient

Diana has helped me such a lot in recent years as I worked to heal my digestive system. She has knowledge, wisdom and lots of practical ideas to guide you in your journey to better health. At a time when I was quite ill and had lost a lot of weight, Diana gave me a recipe for a high carb, high protein shake. Under my clothes I looked emaciated, skeletal, and it was distressing. Using her recipe for the high carb high protein shake every day, I slowly began to put on weight and regain body strength. I am well now, I can’t thank her enough for this.

G. RobinsonPatient

Diana is an amazing nutritionist who has helped my overall health and energy levels after having a baby. She is extremely thorough and warm and welcoming, I can’t recommend her enough!

J. VoglisPatient

I highly recommend Diana. She has helped me get my energy back, become clear on what my body needs and has provided practical ideas around how to implement these changes in a sustainable way. There is so much nutritional advice out there that it can feel really overwhelming to know what’s right which is why it has been so incredibly helpful to work with a clinician with so much knowledge and experience who provides a non-judgmental space to really focus on improving your health.

N. StanleyPatient

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